Auto Shanghai 2019 | The ticketing is available from March 25th, 2019

time:2019/3/25 21:21:12

The 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2019) will be held at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from April 18th to April 25th. Over 1000 famous enterprises from 20 countries and regions will come to Auto Shanghai 2019. The exhibition area will be over 360,000 .

The ticketing of Auto Shanghai 2019 will be open from March 25th. Auto Shanghai 2019 will enable e-ticket for the first time. To make you purchase our tickets in time conveniently, please read the information following:

       1.  Ticketing:

 Advance Sales: 0:00, March 25th, 2019– 18:00, April 17th, 2019
            All the tickets sold during advance sales period will be e-tickets. Please refer  to the official website www.autoshanghai.org  or the official WeChat Mini  Program.

On-site Sales: April 18th - 25th ,2019

                   Visitors can purchase tickets at the ticket booth on-site.

2.       Categories and prices

Category of   Tickets


Price   (RMB/ticket)


Ticket A

(for trade visitors)

April 18 (Thu)


One admission for one ticket and valid for the indicated date only

April 19(Fri)

Ticket B

(for public & trade visitors-weekends)

April 20 (Sat)

April 21 (Sun)

Ticket C

(for public & trade visitors-workdays)

April 22 (Mon)


April 23 (Tue)

April 24 (Wed)

April 25 (Thu)


Auto Shanghai 2019 will announce the Ticketing Instructions at the official website and WeChat mini program. You can also visit the website(www.autoshanghai.org) and dial our 24-hour hotline +86-21-96288 to get the latest ticketing information.

Scan the following QR-codes to purchase your tickets at once!

The official website                  The official WeChat mini program



Please make sure to buy e-tickets from the official authorized channels of the Organizers/ Co-Organizers to avoid possible fake tickets. No admission for e-tickets got beyond official authorized channels.