Auto Shanghai 2019 closed successfully

time:2019/4/30 20:00:00

Lasting for 10 days, Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “Auto Shanghai 2019”) was successfully concluded today (April 25) at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai).

Scale and influence continue to lead the world A-class auto show

As one of the largest and most influential international A-class auto shows in the world, Auto Shanghai 2019 with the theme of “Creating a Better Life” has attracted more than 1,000 well-known auto exhibitors from 20 countries and regions. Major foreign automobile brands are exhibiting at high standards. The total exhibition area of this year's auto show is more than 360,000 square meters, and nearly 1,500 vehicles are on display, including 129 vehicles debuting to the world, 218 new energy vehicles and 76 concept cars. The exhibition shows the innovation and development achievements of the world automobile industry. The deep integration of automobiles and information communication, the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence. The auto show received a total of 993,000 visitors from home and abroad.

On April 16th and 17th, two media days, major auto manufacturers held 136 press conferences. 11,600 Chinese and foreign journalists from 38 countries and regions competed to report on the auto show, which has drawn great attention in the world auto industry, related manufacturing industries and the service industry. More than 30 forums, summits, seminars and technical communication events were held during the exhibition, focusing on hot topics including key automotive technologies, smart manufacturing, new energy technologies, autonomous driving, future automotive technology, 5G scene applications, new materials, new processes, and industry investment & financing, providing an effective high-level communication platform for the future development of the global automotive industry.

Auto Shanghai 2019 opens a new era of technology-led auto show

Highlight 1: The “new four” of automotive technology swept through. With the tendency of electrification, intelligence, connectivity and shared mobility developing from concepts to application, more and more auto manufacturers and cross-border institutions have invested heavily, considering the “new four” as the fundamental direction of the future development of the automotive industry. At this year's auto show, many auto brands have exhibited a large number of models with the concept. China self-owned brands, as the representative, declared their new energy and intelligent network plan, injecting the “new four” ideas, products and technologies to Auto Shanghai 2019.

Highlight 2: The new car will concentrate on its strength. The new car-powered vehicles, which have been mass-produced and represented by NIO, XPENG and WELTMEISTER, have also become the focus of attention. There are also ENOVATE, CHJ Automotive (ONE), BORDRIN MOTORS, Grove, HOZON, ZEDRIV, SITECH DEV, KARMA and G-tech coming to Auto Shanghai for the first time. The collective gathering of the new car power in Auto Shanghai 2019 also reflects from another side that the wave of new energy vehicles has not retreated and is still developing steadily.

Highlight 3: Intelligent network technology crosses the border and travels in the future. Auto Shanghai 2019 set up a future travel exhibition area for the first time, creating a cutting-edge technology and products in the 5G, driverless, future travel, car networking and other sub-sectors, attracting more and more cross-border companies to make a heavy debut. Communication and Internet companies represented by Huawei, Ali, China Mobile, and IFLYTEK have collectively entered Auto Shanghai 2019 to showcase emerging automotive technologies led by intelligent network technology. As a fusion carrier for the automotive and communication and Internet industries, intelligent network technology has attracted much attention at the auto show. It is foreseeable that this will become an important force in the automotive industry in the future automotive market environment.

High quality service guarantees provide a quality visit experience for the audience

With the cooperation of all parties, Auto Shanghai 2019 guarantee and emergency plan are fully comprehensive, implemented in place, and the operation guarantee work is meticulous and careful. The visitors at the exhibition site had a good experience.

Feature 1: Coping with large passenger flows with high technology. The organizer and the traffic management department use various media propaganda and guidance methods to promote the audience's green travel and peak visits; Pre-judgment of some popular pavilions was made in advance. Queuing areas outside the pavilion was set up. Organizer coordinated and opened up more than 15,000 parking spaces in 19 parking lots and other temporary parking areas in and surrounding the venue. The artificial intelligence early warning system was first used to monitor the flow of people in the venue in real time. More than 1,000 police officers and more than 2,000 security guards were on duty during peak hours.

Feature 2: Innovate and organize exhibitions with the concept of green and low carbon. 2019 Shanghai Auto Show adheres to the concept of “people-oriented, continuous innovation”. It has enabled e-tickets, electronic access control and face recognition services for the first time. The concept of high efficiency, convenience and environmental protection has continuously enhanced the gold content of auto show services.

Feature 3: Improve the viewing experience with humanized service. 450 auto show volunteers from major universities are located in all corners of the venue to provide enthusiastic and thoughtful services to the audience; to open up future travel experience zones in the central square. The future traveling area was set at the central plaza to popularize and advocate new ideas and experiences for future travel; Organizer also set a humanized convenience service such as a lounge and a medical office and offered a variety of dining places for the audience to choose. In addition, Auto Shanghai 2019 also attracted more than 20,000 children to visit, a variety of interactive experience activities became the best place for parent-child entertainment. The Chinese and foreign media also praised the comfortable exhibition environment and efficient humanized service of Auto Shanghai 2019.

The 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition opened a new era of technology-led auto show, becoming the “barometer” of the auto market and the wind vane of the industry. Shanghai Auto Show will follow the trend of automotive technology change and is committed to leading the development trend of the industry. With electrification, intelligence, connectivity, shared mobility and branding as the development direction, Auto Shanghai will continue to be the benchmark for leading world-class auto shows.